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Imagine having all your photos (digital and printed) organized and available for you to easily enjoy and share.  Together, we create a personal plan that makes your photos easy to locate and share with family and friends. 



Why digitize? Because digital photos don’t fade.  Preserve your printed photos and home movies by converting them to digital images. Preparing your images to be passed on to the next generation is one of our passions.



We believe in preserving stories.  To do this, we use Archival Safe boxes for printed photos, External Hard Drives, and our preferred Cloud Storage providers for digital images.  For telling family stories, we recommend creating high quality photo books.


Delve into your roots with our genealogy research services! Uncover the rich tapestry of your family history through meticulous research, detailed documentation, and personalized guidance. Let us help you connect the dots of your ancestry, revealing the captivating stories and cherished legacies of your past.

Meet Joy

My mission is to help others preserve printed photos and protect them.  Here in Texas there are weather threats (tornados, hurricanes, flooding, etc.) as well as the threat of a house fire. Additionally, pictures in boxes degrade over time and can be difficult to retrieve and view. Once digitized and a proper backup system put into place, the risk to your family photos becomes less.  They will be easier to view and share with family and friends.

Joy Reddicks
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